The World's Most Discrete Hearing Amplifier!
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The Audion Micro comes with a long lasting, rechargeable lithium battery. So no more buying batteries! Use one and keep the other charged and never miss a sound!
Use AC Charger or USB
The Audion Micro can be charged using the convenient AC adapter or from any USB port.
Complete System
The Audion Micro system comes complete with 4 comfort tips guaranteeing a secure fit in either ear,  cleaning brush, volume adjuster, charging station, and a luxury carrying case.
Get a new life full of sound!
Audion Micro, the revolutionary and discrete hearing system that will change the way you experience life. Never before has a hearing device been so small, comfortable, and powerful at the same time.

Audion Micro’s secret is it’s patented Nano Wave Technology that amplifies all of the sound around you, increase your hearing up to 30 times.

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The Audion Micro DOUBLE OFFER includes:  8 comfort tips guaranteeing a secure fit in either ear, 2 cleaning brushes, 2 volume adjusters, 1 charging station and 1 luxury carrying case.
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